Natco Trust is a non-profit organisation based in Hyderabad, which believes that living and learning must go hand-in-hand, if true development is to actualise.

As the corporate social responsibility wing of Natco Pharma Limited, it was founded in the year 1995, with a view to ploughing back into society, the resources that were drawn from the people and environment around it.

But since, the Trust has assumed a larger role, having recognised the need for an integrated approach to development. Currently, Natco Trust works on programmes that provide education, health-care and livelihood.

The Trust operates in the city and district of Hyderabad, as well as in various parts of the districts of Nalgonda, Mahboobnagar, Rangareddy, and Kurnool, in Andhra Pradesh.

Natco Trust Logo

Our Belief

Natco Trust strongly believes that a true society can be built by strong minds and committed hearts


To facilitate self-sustained development among the communities being served


To provide such support and service to the society which would have long standing impact on improving the lives of the individuals benefitting thereof