Education Projects

Natco High School - NHS

The Natco High School (NHS) was established in Rangapur village of Kothur mandal (Mahaboobnagar district) in the year 1995. There are currently 1515 children and 92 staff at NHS. It is an English medium school from Nursery to Grade 10, and is affiliated to the Telangana State Board.

Education Projects

Natco School of Learning - NSL

Natco School of Learning (NSL), was established in Gollamudipadu village, Ponnuru mandal, (Guntur district) in the year 2011. There are now 608 children with 32 teaching staff and 30 non-teaching staff. This is an English medium CBSE school, and this too caters to children of lower income homes.

Education Projects

Natco Government High School

Natco Trust entered a public private partnership (MoU) with the district administration of Hyderabad to partner in the construction of additional classrooms for a Government High School located in a highly concentrated urban slum, Borabanda near Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

Natco Government High School currently has 2080 children, and has both Primary and High Schools in the same compound and teaches through both Telugu and English media. It has been labelled a “model” school in the twin cities, by the Hyderabad District Collector. It is the only Government high school for entire Borabanda slum (more than 3 lakhs population) and Natco has aided in the construction of basic facilities like 30 classrooms; a science lab and a library; separate sanitation facilities for female, male students and teaching staff and a public addressing system.

In view of the poor student teacher ratio, Natco has also provided 17 Vidya volunteers, in addition to the 48 teaching staff provided by the Government. To cater to the health needs of the children, the Trust organises special medical camps, dental check-up camps and eye screening camps on a yearly basis. The Trust consistently supports the school through its participation in enhancing the quality of the education and services at the school. It also coordinates the child club activities at the school, training the children in various art, craft and reading activities. Natco also supports the School by organising summer camps, providing snacks for Grade 10 children during special classes, Polytechnic entrance coaching programme for Grade 10 children, and coaching for National Means Merits Scholarship Scheme.

Education Projects

NATCO Bala Vikasa Kendram

NATCO Bala Vikasa Kendram was initiated in ThangillaThanda in the year 2008. Multi grade multi-level (MGML) methodology is adopted in the centre which has 13 children, and 2 teachers. The children are provided a mid-day meal in the school, and they learn in a happy, serene environment. Children go to the Government Primary school, once they finish at BVK. This model is being replicated in other villages as well.

Education Projects

After School Tuitions

After School Tuitions at Government Primary and High schools were initiated in 2010, reaching out to 187 children initially, and are now covering 386 children in the year 2016. These are organised before or after school hours by a trained volunteer in each of the 15 centres across 14 villages with a focus on improving / providing strong fundamentals in Telugu and Math among Grade 1 to grade 10 children in Govt Schools.

Child clubs are also formed, to bring about a change in the behavioural aspects among the children, with regard to their self-hygiene, thinking and analytical Ability, self-expression and cooperative social behaviour. A School Library programme was also initiated to improve reading skills in Telugu among the children through story books. The children from these centres are also trained / helped to pass the Navodaya and Tribal gurukul schools entrance exams as per their eligibility.

Education Projects

Sports for development project (Technical Partner – Magic Bus India Foundation)

This project is being implemented from 21st June 2014 in 9 Government Schools in Kothur Programme area reaching out to 1675 children, through 7 youth mentors. The goal of the planned intervention is to bring about a positive change among children and parents in terms of attitude and behaviour related to education, health and gender. This in turn will strengthen their confidence to develop skills required to get the livelihood of their choice and thereby help them move out of the cycle of poverty.

This programme is delivered through sports based activities and also includes a component of socio-emotional skills to ensure long term behaviour change. Hence, the intervention is broadly focusing on 5 main issues – Education, Gender Equality, Health, Right to play & Socio-emotional skills.

Education Projects

School Support programmes

Apart from the full-fledged projects, we also address need based one-time interventions in the form of material, teacher, or even training support.

One of the projects we implemented was distributing solar lights to support grade 9 & 10 students to prepare for exams during power cuts. We covered 4 Zilla Parishad High Schools namely, Inumulnarva, Mekaguda, Nandigam, Kothur and Chegur and reached 467 students.

Education Projects

School Health

To cater to the health needs of the children in our schools, we organise special medical camps, dental check-up camps and eye screening camps on a yearly basis.