Healthcare Projects

Patient Counsellors

As a part of our referral services, we have placed 11 counselors in 6 major Govt. Hospitals in Hyderabad who guide and counsel rural patients and help them avail healthcare services.

These counsellors reach out to approximately 5 lakh patients annually in Osmania, Gandhi, MNJ, Niloufer & Sarojini Devi Eye Hospitals in Hyderabad. We have recently appointed counsellors in Government Dental Hospital & College, Hyderabad as well. They also engage patients, mostly children with art and craft programmes (Niloufer & MNJ Hospitals)

Healthcare Projects

Natco Mobile health Clinics

Natco Mobile Health Clinics provide door step primary health care facilities in 30 villages surrounding our manufacturing units reaching approximately 4500 Households in Nagarjunasagar, Nalgonda district and Kothur, Mahaboobnagar district. Special Camps are organised based on the disease patterns in the communities; Eye screening and IOL camps are also organised. Referral services are provided as per need to Osmania & Gandhi General Hospitals, Niloufer Hospital, MNJ Cancer Hospital or Sarojini Eye Hospital, Hyderabad where we have positioned our Patient Counsellors. Health education / awareness on judicious use of medicines, anti-tobacco, personal hygiene, etc., are also imparted among the communities.

Healthcare Projects

Nutrition Centres

The objective of this project is to prevent disability and malnutrition among pregnant and lactating mothers, and motivate them for institutional delivery for healthy motherhood. Appropriate tracking mechanisms have been developed to ensure the health benefits reach the expecting and lactating mothers in our programme area. 89% of antenatal & 91% postnatal mothers benefit from these 11 centres with 98% institutional deliveries in the programme area. The trust provides these mothers with supplementary nutrition along with health awareness and immunizations.

Kitchen gardens are also being maintained with the help of the stakeholders at each of the nutrition centres along with individual kitchen gardens for antenatal and postnatal households.

Healthcare Projects

Hospital Support

Natco Trust works closely with state run hospitals to create infrastructure for better services. These are the projects that we have undertaken so far.

* Renovation of patient waiting choultry at Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital, Hyderabad

* A first of its kind 44 bedded Paediatric Oncology ward at MNJ & RCC Cancer Hospital, Hyderabad

* Construction of Niloufer Natco OPD Block, where 30,315 sft floor area was developed. A separate play area for children along with new furniture was also donated by Natco Trust. Around 1200 patients avail services in the new block every day. We have appointed two patient counsellors and also maintain sanitation in the Niloufer Natco block

* Patient waiting hall with sanitation facilities at Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad

* State of the art laundry equipment for Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad

Healthcare Projects


Rural Sanitation: Most of the villages in our programme area still do not have individual sanitary latrines (ISL) in their households. People, particularly women and children still face the hardship of open defecation. As a part of the Swachh Bharath Abhiyan, with an objective to provide ISL’s for every household, NATCO has initiated construction of toilets with the support of the state government. We collaborate with RWSS (Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Department) and facilitate and support construction of ISL’s in rural villages. We have strived towards achieving our goal of 100% open-defecation free zones in Gollamudipadu village.

Hospital sanitation: Natco Trust supports and maintains all sanitation efforts in Niloufer Natco OPD Block, Hyderabad.  The Trust is also in the process of constructing an entire toilet block in Guntur Government Hospital.

Swachh Bharath Swachh Vidyalaya: We support a lot of government schools in our programme area by providing sanitation staff for maintaining health and hygiene.

Swachh Bharat: We have also conducted mega cleaning campaigns to spread cleanliness awareness among people and to strengthen the cleanliness systems in urban and rural areas by bringing behavioural changes among people and motivate them towards healthy practices.

Healthcare Projects

Clean Drinking Water

Natco Trust established 14 Reverse Osmosis (RO) water treatment plants to provide safe potable water to the villages in the programme area. These plants reach out to more than 8200 households.